Best Virtual Office Services

Best Virtual Office Services

“If you could create the next level in specialized accounting service, what would it look like?”

Virtual Office was founded by a group of young entrepreneurial CPAs who decided to answer this question. A request for these CPAs to help manage the financial information of several businesses from one location lead to their transforming electronic accounting and bookkeeping beyond the standard methods of service delivery.


Today Virtual Office specializes in strengthening clients to operate at their peak performance. The belief that efficient and reliable accounting support is critical to the success of any organization continues to motivate Virtual Office to defy expectations in accounting and bookkeeping service.

Virtual Office contains the systems, processes and methods to outsource almost any transaction activity. Our methodology is flexible so we can work with clients according to how they operate.

Some of our clients only outsource certain aspects of their accounting and management. By utilizing Virtual Office’s transaction services, administrative personnel can focus more on production and outsource an accountant’s responsibilities to us at a much lower cost than hiring a part-time individual.

Payables and Receivables Management
Our accounts payable and receivable package includes paying bills and preparing invoices.

When received, we make each bill available for viewing on a client’s secure site. Personnel can enter data from the invoices remotely or a client can host the accounting program at our location. Once a client approves the invoice, we pay and mail the payment. We can handle all vendor questions about payments.

Virtual Office also prepares invoices for clients’ customers. Data and images are saved online and are highly encrypted.

Financial Information Dissemination
Virtual Office can also prepare financial statements. For many companies, including nonprofits, preparing financial statements is beneficial. Individual access can be granted to board members, CPAs, or others to log in anytime and view or print information. Clients can save thousands of dollars each year in mailing costs alone. You can find great services for call answering here